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Double Stroller

*Delivery within 24 hours and 1-day rentals, please phone us.

City Mini GT Double Stroller pictured in charcoal gray/orange. $45 1-3 days, $65 4-7 days, $75 8-10 days, $90 11-14 days. PARENT CONSOLE included.

Cleaning steps for Strollers:

  1. First remove stroller bedding from stroller.
  2. Oxi Clean spray any trouble areas.
  3. Put stroller bedding in washing machine with Dreft detergent.
  4. Line dry in the Florida sun.
  5. Re-install stroller bedding on stroller.

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Easy Disney Baby Stroller Rentals in Orlando

After a vacation to Central Florida, parents always tell us they couldn’t imagine a trip without our baby stroller rental in Orlando. It was their lifesaver! Our single and double strollers feature the premium design specifically used to last throughout the day and easily maneuver through crowds. Your kids will love the relaxing, cool ride as you enjoy the park together, making lasting memories.

You’ll love our strollers’ convenient, must-have features:

  • Design for easy maneuverability
  • Convenient built-in baskets to hold bags and toys
  • Canopy for blocking Florida’s harsh sun
  • Guaranteed to be cleaned and sanitized for each guest
  • Single and double models
  • Boat, monorail and bus friendly

No need to worry about changing strollers—and all your belongings—at each new park. Don’t worry about the cleanliness of park-issued strollers used by hundreds of children each day. Our convenient baby stroller rentals are impeccably clean and travel with you throughout your vacation. We even deliver and pick up the rental before and after your stay. It’s truly the most convenient way to tour Orlando! Most importantly, you have confidence knowing your child is safe in our sturdy strollers.

As a family-owned company, we understand what it takes to help your family make the most of their Orlando adventure. Make your Walker Mobility rental reservation for your baby stroller online now to ensure we have the style you want in stock.