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While we serve the vast majority of hotels in the Central Florida area, confirm our scooter and wheelchair free rental delivery for your hotel before reserving your rental. Simply complete the form with your hotel’s name, and one of our delivery and transportation experts will contact you and let you know if your hotel is in our delivery service area.

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Disney Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Touring on a Scooter

To get the most out of your vacation, don’t miss our insider’s list of Disney tips, tricks and secrets for touring the parks on a scooter! Some places in the Disney World theme parks are easier to get to on a scooter than others. For years, our experts listened carefully to our guests and traveled the theme parks from a scooter rider’s perspective to create the world’s only Orlando travel tip guide for scooter riders.

We’ll provide free, our exclusive insider secrets of the easiest and tastiest restaurants to go to on a scooter, what rides provide the stress-free entry, and what forms of transportation better accommodate scooter riders. Your trip to Disney World will be much more enjoyable with these expert tips.

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Disney Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Touring on a Scooter

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Mobility Scooter Rental FAQs

What types of scooters are available?

We have two types – – – A scooter for guests weighing less than 300 pounds. Another which is slightly larger, for guests weighing up to 450 pounds. Both have three wheels, which makes them very maneuverable. The larger models also come with wider seats.

Is a scooter easy to drive?

Yes, very easy, requiring the use of only the tips of your thumb or your fingers to activate the controller. The built – in brake system is activated when you release the controller.

Can I take a scooter in my car?

Yes, it can be taken in a mid-size vehicle or larger and our scooters are very easy to disassemble. Most can be disassembled in less than 15 seconds. For guests staying on Disney property and using Disney transport, scooters will not need to be disassembled. If disassembly is required, the heaviest part of most scooters is 39 pounds.

How do I pay for an equipment rental?

You can charge the rental on your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card. Although many guests place orders several months in advance, we do not charge your card until the day before the equipment is delivered. We do not charge security deposits.

Where do you deliver?

To hotels, condos, and vacation homes.

Will my scooter run all day without recharging the batteries?

Yes, because we offer two 45 amp batteries in all models but don’t forget to drive your scooter into your quarters at night in order to charge the batteries for the next day’s use.

What if I change hotels during my stay?

Take your scooter or wheelchair to your new hotel and give us a call so we’ll know where to pick it up.

How do I cancel my reservation?

If you need to cancel a reservation, please give us at least 24 hours notice. Our toll free phone number for the U.S. and Canada is easy to remember. Call 1-888-SCOOTER (1-888-726-6837).

Easily Disassemble Your Scooter

Whether you use theme park transportation, a rental car or your own car, this mobility product video shows you how easy it is to pack and stow your Walker Mobility Scooter. You won’t believe how quickly it disassembles and how easy it is to transport!

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As a way to show our appreciation to our customers, Walker Mobility’s Ambassador Club helps you earn huge savings with every rental. Our tiered reward program gives you special privileges that will save you time and money. Just call us or reserve your scooter online each time you rent—It’s that easy!

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