Less than <1% Scooter swap outs!

December 13, 2019

We manufacture our own Orlando scooter rental products and specifically design them for outdoor use in a sub-tropical climate like Central Florida. We have partnered with Eagle Parts Products, Inc. located in Augusta, GA to build the best scooter rental for vacationing guests. For 25 years, guests have asked for scooters that are water-resistant with extended life batteries and flexible features. Mission accomplished! We officially introduced the Double Whammy and Triple Lindy models on March 1, 2019 after a full year of beta-testing.

Since inception, we have experienced a less than <1% scooter swap out rate! In guests terms, this means that once we meet you for drop-off (WDW resorts only), our drivers do not see you again until pickup. With water-resistant Orlando scooter rental options that maintain 25-hour continuous drive use, we have finally accomplished this feat and proven ourselves established industry leaders in the Central Florida market. There is an old saying: you pay for what you get in life.  With all the money you spend on your well-deserved vacations, make sure you get equipment that can help build wonderful memories that last a lifetime.