Easy and Convenient Universal and Disney World Wheelchair Rentals

When traveling to Central Florida, our pre-order wheelchair rental in Orlando is the carefree way to enjoy your trip to the area’s famous theme parks. You won’t have to worry about changing wheelchairs at each destination or finding a correctly-sized rental for your body type. We deliver a lightweight, perfectly sized wheelchair when you arrive and we pick it up after you leave. It’s that easy!

Our customers love these great benefits Walker Mobility wheelchair rentals:

  • Free delivery and pick up to your hotel or resort
  • Top-of-the-line, American made products
  • Manual and power wheelchair options
  • Tailored to your height and weight for a comfortable fit
  • Boat, monorail and bus friendly

Don’t wait until you get to the parks to reserve a wheelchair rental in Orlando. It’s not uncommon for theme parks to run out of wheelchairs and scooters during busy times. There may not be a single wheelchair left if you wait until you get to the park. The bottom line: Reserve early! Walker Mobility guarantees the availability of your reserved wheelchair rental, and our excellent customer service works on park property in case you need assistance.

We help you get the most out of your vacation. Reserve your wheelchair rental online today!